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Memememememe... (exactly)

Oh, is it meme time again? :3 Huzzah!
Here is my list 10 celebrities I would have sex with without asking questions... (assuming said sex would take place not long after these pictures were taken, of course).

I cannot for the life of me rank them in order of my lust for them, though, so please don't ask me to. ;_;
There is enough love in my heart for all of these fine specimens of beauty.
lenny"s hotties

Here are their names, but remember - there's no hierarchy!
(some pictures are smaller just because that's all teh interwebz had to offer)

michael cera
katherine moennig
johnny depp
ewan mcgreggor
colin firth
tim curry (in drag)
jemaine clement
bob dylan
treat williams
george clooney
gael garcía bernal
matthew broderick


Meme: [nahr-suh-sis-em]

Ah, long time no blog. Well, here's a pessimistic little meme I came across in

perkyshadowgirl's LJ: 
List 5 or more of your fictional crushes, and then list 5 reasons it wouldn't work out in real life. 

I'm sure this is bound to be insightful..
*cracks knuckles* here we go:

Frankenfurter (The Rocky Horror Picture Show)

1. I seem to like men who are comfortable with their sexuality, but a full-time transvestite (hot as he may be) will get old after the first few shags a while..
2. He's bi, but leans towards the male side much more than the female. I wouldn't strike his fancy for long.
3. He's obsessed with perfection (re: Rocky) and I'm FAR too self-conscious for that kind of attitude
4. He may be a sex maniac, but I doubt he believes in love, which is important to me.
5. He's incredibly self-centered, too. Everyone ends up as his puppet, and he's always the star. That can wear thin faster than you can say "help me, Mommy!"

George Berger (Hair)

1. Hippies are adorable - kind of like pixies. But in real life, their personal hygiene wouldn't reach my standards even to the 8th percentile.
2. He's very loving, but towards a lot of people at once - implying a lack of interest in commitment to any ONE girl, even Sheila. (What can I say? Monogamy turns me on).
3. He goes with the flow to an extent past the recommended dosage...and gets into strange and dangerous situations that I'm not certain I could keep up with - let alone handle the unnecessary stress.
4. I agree with some but not ALL of his general theories. (Living off other people's petty change as a perfectly logical and balanced lifestyle, for example).
5. He's just a tad too old.

Tamaki Suou (Ouran High School Host Club)

1. He only has eyes for Haruhi. 'Nuff said, right?
2. I don't speak Japanese, nor French.
3. His lovely little club would actually irk me in real life. Jealousy issues would arise at the thought of him courting other girls so convincingly.
4. His many mood shifts can be as abrupt as a PMS-ing teenage girl's. I would be wary to trigger a sudden shift in that multi-faceted personality of his..
5. He's so flippin' hot that I would honestly feel rather inadequate.. and consequently be plagued with inevitable insecurities.

Christian (Moulin Rouge)

1. He's a writer. *I'm* a writer. This can cause some problems, believe it or not.. (ie. wildfires of "constructive" criticism)
2. He's already madly in love with Satine. His commitment is one of the qualities I most adore, so if he wavered just for me, I would actually be put off by his fickle behaviour
3. A protective nature is one thing, (a very attractive thing), but his overly-jealous streaks can cross over into the realm of distrust a little bit, and that easily results in unnecessary problems.
4. I couldn't be the smoldering temptress he appears to find most appealing. (At least, not ALL of the time) ;P
5. He's a bit naive about the ways of the world, yet he's older than me. This is bound to cause some complications.

Sam (Benny & Joon)

1. His insanity becomes him, but that doesn't label him any less crazy... and therefore he would be too unstable for a long-term affair.
2. He barely speaks! The slapstick humour can only suffice for so long, but I love a man with verbal wit
3. He's as awkward as a chicken on rollerblades. I'm ashamed to say I would probably find myself easily embarrassed in his company.
4. He needs constant surveillance, or else he's bound to cause trouble that could bring others (and himself) to some harm. Dating him would be too similar to babysitting.
5. It doesn't look like he changes his clothes very often.. I might start to worry about his personal hygiene.

(I may expand this...but don't hold your breath) >_>

My hands should be tucked under my blanket rather than typing right now. It’s too cold in this house. Or maybe I say that because my body has finally adjusted to my overheated Montreal habitat. In either case, I’ve always been exothermic.  

I’ve been living the high life since coming back home. This poor journal doesn’t even have records of the times when I was *away* from home, but I shall leave those tales for the face-to-face chats that I hope to have.
These have been my general activities: eating (profusely), sleeping (restlessly), watching Dexter (compulsively), playing with Lucky (precariously), checking email (obsessively), reading comics (routinely). Hope you enjoyed the adverbs.

As for my social life, I’ve managed to see Mandy, Laura, Jenny, Krystle, Trang-Nha, Nick MacDonald, and Sarah so far. But I hope to scramble together a team of Lit girls to hang out with, either at the movies or my house, or both. Then I hope to scurry one last shindig at my place with drinks and videos for other circles of friends, (perhaps with a more..pleasant.. jello shooter recipe). If I’m lucky, I’ll see everyone I still need to see at Ghislaine’s New Year’s gig. Other than that, I’ll be missing Carlee terribly..since she can’t make any of the festivities this year.

 If I were a little more honest about how I’m feeling right now, this blog entry wouldn’t have room for jokes. But on with the show…

Quirky stories:
~My fingers swelled up to an unimaginable size two days ago when I attempted to shovel a driveway without proper winter gloves. If I were a cartoon, the fingertips would have exploded with a volcano sound effect.
~I climbed a large mound of snow for the first time since I was twelve just the other day. The words “sure-footed as a mountain goat” were used to an appalling extent, despite the fact that I needed someone else’s pre-determined footpath to make it out alive.
~I finally found a hat large enough for my head that is, in fact, *too* large. I was nudged ever so slightly by my mother while we were getting ourselves bundled up and it slipped right over my glasses. Jenn calls it the Mushroom Hat, because she says I resemble one of those Mario characters, while mom says I could pass for a Strawberry Shortcake doll.
~I have had a Bluey comic in my head for a couple of days and I still haven’t gotten around to drawing it. That’s the power of holiday lethargy, friends.
~A clever source has kindly revealed the secret to properly pronouncing Montreal like an Anglo-Saxon (as opposed to my mother’s way). This is big news. Maybe I’ll make more friends now.  ^_^”
~ I tried virgin eggnog for the first time today and discovered it tastes JUST like a flavour of ice cream I used to have all the time in Cuba!
~I have met my next victim...I mean...houseplant.

Final thought of the day: Tomorrow we're expecting 40 more centimetres of snow... yet the first day of winter is not for another week.  Hmm... Happy Fall, everybody!


I'm drinking chicken noodle and leek soup and watching the anime Canvas 2

Other than that, I have few updates ^_^"
I did ZERO homework over Thanksgiving, and yet.. I'm not behind!  ~~ because I only had one reading assignment for tomorrow, plus my second Wednesday class was cancelled (I had forgotten), and I have tonight, tomorrow night, and most of Thursday to do my Poetry homework. Then another weekend's here, and *hypothetically* I should have plenty of time for other work.

I love the People's Potato. If I happen to be around the Hall Building (where my bus stop is) around noonish-to-one, I can mosey on up to the 7th floor and get free food. Hot vegetarian dishes and soups. It's amazing. Of course, they do have a donation box, so I don't feel bad about getting free nutrition so often :)

*is still stressed about poetry class* ...My desktop background right tnow is a purple glasses-wearing monkey with a typewriter. How autobiographical...

In other news, I deleted Bryson from my friends on Facebook. I got tired of seeing people I know trying to keep relations with him when they've told me in person how much they dislike the guy...it's a bit two-faced and it's aggravating.

I had the option of bringing the J-Lo booty bear with me this weekend, but I decided he was safer back home than prancing about Montreal on top of my head.
What I DID bring includes some of the following: colouring crayons (god knows why), my writing practice books from all four years of Canterbury (though only the last one is useful, really), my two stuffed black labradors (so I wouldn't miss Lucky), my box of condoms (no comment), my extra pair of headphones (*supposedly* for when, if ever, I go to the gym), and some instant noodle boxes (because of course I can't buy that HERE, mom, *rolls eyes*) :P

I can't decide how I feel about Across the Universe... there was no fully complete "hero" character. Even the main guy, as sweet as it was for him to cry at the end at the sight of his girlfriend, was still not entirely in my good books because of the fact he completely abandoned his previous girlfriend. And the sidekick, cute as he was, just couldn't break through the comedic relief role for me enough to look past his recklessness, which gets old fast for a love-interest. I mean, yes, they were CUTE, but not characters for me to go ga-ga over.. which is unfortunate, because every other aspect of the movie was so awesome that it was even more noticable for this one little factor to make it feel incomplete.

Now back to watching anime...as soon as the loading bar stops taunting me

Sep. 14th, 2007

so uhh...*apparently*... i can now make yo mama jokes.
I was on the bus without easy access to my mp3 player, and with no balance for reading, so as can be expected, my head began to fill up with strange thoughts.. such as:
"yo mama so fat she uses a loveseat for an armchair"
"yo mama so fat she uses hula hoops for ankle bracelets"


But speaking of buses, let me just say how much I hate them. Be they Ottawa or Montreal buses, it's the same everywhere -- inconsistency. Last monday I was late for a class because I miscalculated the time for when the bus would come. Today for my other early class, I made sure to know the right times and be there in advance. So since I had a class that started at 8:45, and the bus is a 20 minute ride, I chose the 8:15 bus. Well guess what --- It. Did. Not. Come.
It wasn't *late*, because the next bus to come was the next one on schedule (8:40). And it wasn't *early* because there was a girl there who said she had been in line since 8 o'clock. Conclusion: buses suck. everywhere. 
Anyway, besides that I was also kind of peeved about having to ride with a bee. That's right, one of those buzzing creatures with a stinger decided to hitch a ride in the back row with me. It hovered around my head for the *whole* ride.
Lucky for me, I had forgotten that the professor told us he would start classes at 9:00, since 8:45 was an awkward time to begin. So I made it after all. Just barely.

Today's experiences are highly in contrast with wednesday's, where the regular bus was replaced with one of those large greyhound ones with plush seats and air conditioning (which is apparently something they do from time-to-time).

So now that we're past that little rant, let's get on with other news.
Yesterday I went to a free concert featuring Metric, K-OS, and a lesser-known band by the name of You Say Party We Say Die! that had a neat female lead singer who was really into her dance moves. It was the last Orientation Week event run by our school, although people from McGuill and Dawson were showing up, too. (Why not? Free famous musicians and $2 beer sounds like a good deal). In the crowd, I ran into Nina, Kelly, and Zoey. At around 8:20, Nina and I made our way through the crowd back towards the university buildings where our Poetry class was. We left just at the end of Metric's set, and Nina wasn't too pleased, since she was mostly excited about K-OS. 
Our stroke of luck was that our Poetry teacher decided to end the class early that night because she felt she was coming down with something, so we got back to the concert for the last 3 or 4 songs that K-OS performed. Before we split our separate ways, Nina asked if she might stay over at my apartment on the nights of our Poetry class in the winter sometimes, since she had a much longer walk than I did. I agreed, and also let her know about my early class the next morning, so we both know it's not a stay-up-all-night kind of sleepover (which she might've thought, what with her fridays being completely free). 

What else can I say about the week... oh, well I've started recognizing some of the faces in my classes that I've talked to before. (I've written down their names in my little sketchbook, just in case). So *technically* I think I may have friends. But I tend to measure those by school time vs. social hang-out time ratio, which so far is nill but for Nina, whom I already knew.

Of all my Com Studies classes, my favourite is Intermedia. The work looks very similar to that of Media Arts, so I have some basic background knowledge already, which is a plus. Also, the professor is one of the few truly *funny* ones, AND he has an English accent, so it's really easy to pay attention. 
Of all my Creative Writing classes, Poetry is my favourite, but only because I've recently heard some samples from other students in my Short Fiction class and feel very much inadequate. The students in the Short Fiction class are older, and though they're in this first-year class, they're not novices. I felt the talent rippling through the room when I heard their writing exercises read aloud...and I didn't even want to volunteer to read mine. Poetry is my stronger point, but i'm going to knock on wood in case something similar happens in that class, too..

I still haven't done laundry...nor gone to the gym (though I've joined, at least)...nor cleaned with the swiffer...nor paid the internet bill...nor defrosted the fridge...nor figured out how to buzz people in...

all in good time. well. no..not *good*.

My my, this entry's been kind of long. I wish I knew how to put stuff under one of those neat little links. 
*taps her nose ear* 


weeeeeeee!! apartment's (just about) locked and loaded!

update: it's miiiine! *cackle*

Miracle on St.Catherine's Street

I have had SUCH a wonderful day, it's definitely worth taking the time to write about.

My mom woke me up at eight in the morning, and, granted, that wasn't exactly to my liking, but we were heading off to Montreal for a day of apartment-hunting and there's no way we'd burn sunlight simply loafing around. We stopped at Tim Hortons for my cinnamon raisin bagel and steeped tea breakfast and then we were off.

We put some good ol' Harry Belafonte on the radio (my dad complaining that he was a friend of Fidel's) *eyeroll*. I had something of an urge to play Uno, since I *always* play Harry Belafonte when I play Uno :P ..we also listened to Silvio Rodriguez, and Los Zafiros. On the return trip we heard Joan Baez, Aretha Franklin, and Buena Vista Social Club. I also read all the way to Montreal (and back) & I did NOT fall asleep! plus I really enjoyed the book..scoffing at it, mostly XD

Once we got there, the first place we checked out was described as a bright, spacious, two-person apartment. The heating and water was included, and it was minutes away from the Concordia area. what it *didn't* mention were the other conditions of its location...it was above a pizza place and beside a nude dancers peep show parlour that opens at 3pm every day and closes at 3am. ^_^" At first, we didn't let that faze us, (hey, it's Montreal. sex city. big deal.) so we went in and the apartment was WAY more spacious than we thought..the kitchen had wide counter space and many cabinets, the hallway had room for bookshelves and drawers if I wanted them. I think my favourite feature was that the main building was painted lilac on the inside. :P ..

But electricity wasn't included, and the toilet needed to be fixed.. and it was, actually.. a bit TOO big. I have no one in mind for a roommate, you see. I would have needed to look for someone, a stranger, since I wouldn't want to be stuck with the bill alone.

Anyway, my parents weren't altogether convinced, though we took pictures in case we reconsidered. Their main concern, besides commodities, is *security* after all.

We walked down St.Catherine's street to the next place, stopping by shoe store after shoe store (I'm still doing last minute prom shopping). The first shoe store had an amazing pair of sandals that I loved, but I didn't want to buy the first ones I saw, so we kept walking. We compared every shoe we saw after that to the first pair. We stopped to have lunch at a restaurant called Mike's, where all three of us ate for $28. Three giant breakfast platters and an incredibly (I'm not even exaggerating) ENORMOUS bowl of ice cream and chocolate called a "brownie volcano", served in an over-sized goblet. I don't even know where they make cups that big. We were so glad to have ordered only one to share - the whole thing could have even been filling enough for lunch.

When we came out, my eyes were drawn to a cart full of shiny things... they were earrings. but these were different. Each one was hand-made from plants and flowers dipped in acrylic plastic. The cart was run by two Mexicans who gave us a discount for being friendly and speaking Spanish. I bought rose-petal earrings.

We kept walking and decided we had enough time before our next appointment to check out a place that isn't supposed to be available to view for two more weeks. When we got there, we saw that it was a very colourful, but very *old* building. The description said that there was no laundry inside the place, (though the first one didn't have that perk either), and we couldn't see the "nearby laundromat" that they mentioned anywhere around. There was no one inside, so we left a message on a little machine they have in the front entrance and left for our next spot.

As we approached the last scheduled apartment, we noticed the area was getting much better than the peep-show neighbourhood. (How could it get worse? no.. don't answer that.)

There were Dollaramas and Subways and pharmacies and the Guy metro station as we drew nearer to its location. We turned the corner after walking this long well-lit street (St.Catherine's is HUGE), and there it was. Just past some nice looking buildings and expensive houses was a quaint little brick townhouse with flowers and iron balconies. We rang for someone to open the door. Unfortunately, we pressed the wrong button first, so a very surly man came to the front entrance, then closed the door again when we asked about our appointment. The next button was the right one, and the landlady opened up. she looked very.. benign. No energy in her business, I guess.

The first room we saw wasn't one she was supposed to show to us, (too expensive), so we got our hopes up in thinking about the wrong price.. and it wasn't too extravagant to begin with so we feared the lower-priced ones when she directed us there next. The following price range was the lowest one they offered... the bathroom reminded my father of his visit to Japan. The only room to stand was directly between the toilet and the sink. Actually, the sink was so close to the toilet that it could have been used as a hangover bucket. The shower was right next to your foot if you sat on the toilet. The tub was no tub at all, but a tile ledge to make sure the water drains on the right side of that closet-sized room, like a public shower. The "kitchenette" was a ripoff. It was *smaller* than the bathroom, with a fridge tinier than the ones I saw on my Europe trip inside hotels, no stove, no oven, no room for a microwave. Not even a sink. You had to plug in an electrical stove if you wanted to cook anything.

So we went to look at the mid-range price between the first and second rooms we saw there. The bathroom, rather than being in a triangle, was a rectangle, perhaps five centimeters wider. The medicine cabinet mirror was cracked.. the kitchen had a sink that looked like an eye-wash station in a science lab, barely big enough for a dinner plate, though it had a counter with an attractive shade of red. And, not to get snobby.. but the room had a "funny" smell :S

In any case, it was the best option of the three.. so we kept ourselves interested (though our spirits were low: me feeling resigned about the bathroom, my parents feeling guilty for putting me in that situation). This third room was on the left side of the townhouse, as opposed to the other two rooms, so in order to get to the laundry, you had to go out one front door and come back in through the other. I supposed it would be uncomfortable in the winter, but better than the nowhere-to-be-seen laundromat of the other place. There was one washer and one dryer; each cost $1.75. The garbage was on my side of the townhouse: I had to go out the backdoor, climb down the fire escape and leave it in the enclosed alley between the buildings.

Anyhoo, we went down to the landlady's room and filled in an application so that, if we decided to get it after all, we would just need to send a check and not come back in person to fill in any paperwork. The only things that lifted my spirit about this situation was the cute fact that her room had a giant Beatles poster and she left a bowl of candy for her tenants outside the door every day.

As we started walking by the nice-looking buildings I mentioned, we remembered that we saw a sign that said "apartments for rent" on our way to the appointment. it was on the building right next to the townhouse, and we had agreed to look into it. There were papers with arrows that read "Bureau 101", which we followed down the first flight of stairs to the office of the landlord. There was a woman standing outside the office, and we thought she was the landlady who was about to leave so my father told her what kind of apartment we were looking for to see if she would stay to help. The lady turned out not to be the landlady.. but a woman looking to get rid of her aunt's apartment by subletting it to someone until the lease canceled. The aunt was in the hospital and had already needed to move out. She said she had a one room studio and we opened our eyes in disbelief. This was stroke of luck of unbelievable proportions for us (and for her, apparently).

We asked how much we would pay and she said we would need to talk to the owner, but what her aunt was paying was $480 .. (as opposed to the $520 of the one we had filled in an application for). We were incredibly excited. so we said we would go look at it right away if she had time, and sure enough she did, because we had misunderstood the apartment's location. It was in fact INSIDE that nice building! right on the first floor!

My heart leaped when we went inside. It had everything AND the kitchen sink! (oh come on.. give me credit for that one :P) ..it was bright, with a neighbour-tenant-shared balcony terrace through the backdoor with a cute little setup of patio tables and chairs. The fridge was the same sort as before, but BIGGER. There was an *stove* with an *oven*, lots of cabinets, and comfortable counter space. It had a bookshelf/dresser facility that was already a part of the room (connected to the wall itself). And the bathroom was sooo much bigger! I couldn't get over how nice it was! The bathroom was bigger than the first apartment we saw that was built for TWO people.

The lady also was unlike the landlords we had seen, who simply stood around while you analyzed the place yourself. She told us everything that was wrong with it and the perks as well. There had been a fire in the room above it, so the owners had recently renovated it. It just needed a final layer of paint and some varnish on the floor (since there had been water damage). She warned that the toilet doesn't always flush all the way, but you should just give it a minute to re-load its tank before flushing again. (we've had this problem with our own bathroom, so i was not fazed in the least). She said that the backdoor was tricky to close, since you had to twist it shut like a bathroom door rather than with a sliding lock (this is exactly the way our own backdoor functions, so I was almost grinning at this).

As for the perks.. oh the perks.. the laundry room and the garbage locations were right inside the building. There were TWO washers and TWO dryers and they were $1.50! (I later told my parents that I would save the extra 25 cents I would have spent and use them to pay for lighting candles at the St.Joseph's oratory - thanking him for this miracle). There was even another laundromat that this time was *literally* a block away. And at the corner of the street, though we hadn't noticed it on our way in, was a grocery store. A *downtown* GROCERY store. The magnitude of that kind of luck is beyond even my comprehension. She said that if we walked down the street, we would notice other places of interest. And indeed, there was a Winners, Zeller's, Blockbuster, AMC theatres, and in the opposite direction where we had come from, we *still* had the Dollaramas and Subways and pharmacies and the metro stations. We timed ourselves on the way back to where we parked. It takes less than fifteen minutes to get to the Concordia buildings and the Loyola shuttle bus stop.

Needless to say, the lady gave us her card, we wrote down names and phone numbers, and we all agreed to call the landlord on Monday to tell her of this arrangement. Nothing is official yet, *knocks on wood*, but it looks like I have a place to live next year. And I LOVE it.

So on our way back, we stopped by that first shoe store and bought my much-adored prom shoes (which are in fact not too difficult to walk on, even though they're heels). We drove to St.Joseph's oratory to thank him and brother Andre for the miracle, and light candles. Obviously they wanted me in their city :)

Today was so incredibly wonderful.. and I think it was made more so by the fact that I had such a *terrible* day yesterday. Laura and I had talked about residency again, and it always makes her upset while I usually remain pretty calm about it. This time, though, when I told her I had definitely decided not to go to residency, for many reasons I don't have the energy to list, she upset ME. I had said one of the reasons was the overpriced and unhealthy food.. I told her I had worked really hard to lose weight and it was important to me.. she said she was hurt by the fact I was calling "her" food unhealthy (which I thought unreasonable since everybody I asked said so, and so did a Universities editorial in Maclean's magazine). So later on, during the intermission of Measure for Measure, I bought a cupcake and was considering buying a candy shish-kebab, when she said "I thought you were all about dieting." ..and that STUNG. It was pretty much like calling me overweight, though not directly. I was actually *hurt*, though I didn't want to show it. (Mandy may have noticed I was being moody, though).. I hugged everyone goodnight, even Laura. but really.. I'm rather mad at her.

So a day like today was just what I needed. Things looked like they might be bleak but we kept our chins up and everything turned out for the better. I was surprised that I wasn't moody today, even during the beginning. I "bucked up", as they say, despite the hurt feelings and sleep deprivation, and was greatly rewarded for it ^_^

So everyone cross your fingers for me. I REALLY want this place, and it's not a done deal. *jitters excitedly*

conditioned to be entertaining(/ed)?

sometimes i find it amazing how easily i amuse myself..

just minutes ago, i was serving up some fruit salad with an extra helping of whipped cream. as i ate, i thought to myself, "hmm. i like it better this way. each bite is a mystery!" and took comfort in the fact that i wouldn't be forced to recognize every morsel of food, as it would be a weak point of mine to begin with. i thought some more and chuckled to myself "there could even be a rock covered in whipped cream and i wouldn't have a care." just as i finished the thought, i bit down on something hard that was shrouded by cream, and, as though talking to God himself, added "hey, i was only kidding!" (it was a cherry pit, for the record).

even my subconscious reaction in dreams is to congratulate myself for my wild imagination. i was in the middle of a dream full of dull talk and moody lighting when i notice that my "self" character is sporting stylish pajamas the likes of which any fashion runway would proudly welcome. for detail's sake, i'll mention that it was a dressy kind of nightgown, snowy white, strapless and with a flowing poof of fabric that ends just below the knees, accessorized with leg warmers of the same material. i was so impressed with this anime-girl-like gettup that my inner voice of sorts shouted out at my dream "self" in great praise. my dream self broke character, so to speak, in that she was distracted from the main story to do a little curtsy. and that only served to amuse me further :) 

okay well.. maybe you had to be there. and by "be there" i mean be in my mind so.. yeah. it could be that i'm the only one amused by these things :P

sometimes it's up to other folk to entertain me, however. on weekends, when i hole up inside my home, it's usually THE folks - the 'rents, as we've come to call them. just a few minutes ago, i heard them whining about wanting to make a couple of screwdrivers, (alcoholic beverage, for those of you tilting your heads), when they discovered the vodka was gone! their reaction was adorable; childish and incredulous that they would be so silly as to put an empty bottle of liquor back in the closet.
of course, those of you who were not present or aware of my drinking-night-at-Lenny's house party are still probably wondering at the amusement i would find in this. well, the shindig was over five months ago, so let's just say it involved a sketchy recipe for jello shooters ;)

now i'm off to find new ways to entertain myself, lest i.. you guessed it! give in to the guilt of incomplete homework! *dramatic music*
well, it's a long weekend and i got an extension.. so that means.. yep. procrastination. don't worry, i'll be kicking myself about it later; no need to nag. i can also amuse myself with the fact that it's my own silly behaviour (unlike my parents' real liquor customs) :P

HTML = Horror That Mandy Loves

alrighty. i am being watched... over to my right, somewhat out of my peripheral vision, is mandy child, who will be my html instructor. (that's right, i am attemting *gasp!* to format this text all on my own!)
omg. i pressed the enter button. i think there was a rule exception about new paragraphs on livejournal, though, so i'm not in deep didgeri-doo just yet.
but what if i do this?! boy, that was exciting, wasn't it?
but wait.. it gets better: try some of this on for size! (haha. get it? size?)
wait wait.. for an encore, how about i try to make a poem out of words? :D i could just crack my lit-kid knuckles and... no, scratch that (if you didn't see that coming, you need a subscription to elena dictionaries. contact Perkyshadows R US)
okay okay...for a grand finale, i shall insert a link.

a hot link. *sizzle*

boy, am i ever into puns today. what a gimmick. it's psychotic.

it's that "smile for the camera" feeling

we know that google has taken over most of the internet.. livejournal included. i come to update my account, and i see ads lining up the side of the text box. they're supposed to be picked out according to the interests i appear to show in my web-browsing habits. here is what has come up: "hate your belly fat?", "lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks", "bob dylan live in paris", and "italian food"

what's scary is... this automated computer system knows me better than i might know myself

<<i need some love in my life>>

i've just finished watching V for Vendetta and found that bitter politics is the best medicine for a broken heart. i was so blinded by a sense of injustice and blind raging passion, that.. well.. i forgot my troubles for a while.

<<you know the kind i mean>>

that doesn't help the fact that even the most cold-hearted politician who chooses to live life this way will come home to an empty bed. and for someone like me.. well.. let's just say there aren't enough tiny violins in the world to sum up *that* diminuendo

oh, i've crossed over to "emo" world again, haven't i? i can't apologise enough. *grabs a rolled-up newspaper* ...

[*Flourish. Exeunt.*]